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Modular pendulum bucket elevators

Modular pendulum bucket elevators offers space-saving and energy beneficial solutions for the conveying of bulk products. It is mainly used for the horizontal and vertical transportation of granular materials, like peanuts, sweets, dried fruits, rice and pet foods etc....
Model: 1.0L/1.8L/4.0L/6.0L
ABS/PP/stainless steel buckets
Stainless steel and MS painted construction
Horizontal, vertical distance and quantity of outlets can be customized
Technical parameters
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Due to the very gentle manner of conveying, the Modular pendulum bucket elevators is the perfect conveyor for seeds and other sensitive products, like peanuts, sweets, dried fruits, rice and pet foods etc....A long-running development process on the elevators has resulted in a broad variety of pendulum bucket elevators which have been customized according to the comprehensive demands of the industry to in-house transportation of fragile products.
Energy saving and environmental protection: The whole machine is driven by only one motor, with low energy consumption; the entire closed design, no dust leakage during operation that meet environmental protection requirements.
Wide Handling capacity: Four standard machine size (Model: 1.0L/1.8L/4.0L/6.0L)with different buckets volume, also due to variable frequency drive, wide range of different hourly capacities.
Low investment cost: Combination of horizontal and vertical transport in a single product, so only one set of equipment can replace the traditional arrangement of three sets of equipment, both procurement costs and maintenance costs are greatly reduced.
Low breakage rate: Bulk material is spread into inlet, the buckets operate at slower speeds, and bucket guides that material into discharge port, so no damage or change the bulk material during the conveying process.
A variety of materials can be selected: ABS/PP/stainless steel 304 buckets; Stainless steel 304 or MS painted construction; Stainless steel 304 or nickel plated sprocket.
Customized transport distance: Lifting height from 1.5-7 m, horizontal length from 1.4 to 20 m. Quantity of inlet and outlets can be one or more that according to client’s needs.
Technical parameters
Model ZT-1.0 ZT-1.8 ZT-4.0 ZT-6.0
Bucket volume 1.0L 1.8L 4.0L 6.0L
Machine structure Stainless steel 304 or MS painted construction
Bucket material PP, ABS, SS304
Sprocket material Stainless steel 304 or nickel plated
Chain material Stainless steel 304 or Alloy steel 
Quantity of inlet or outlet One or more pieces
Output 2-3.5m3/h 4-6m3/h 6.5-8m3/h 5.5-12m3/h
Voltage(v) 220V/50Hz, single phase
380V/50Hz, three phases
Or as required
Speed Adjustable or fixed

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