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TD Vertical Belt Bucket elevator

One common method of elevating elevator buckets is attaching them to a belt. Belt is available in a variety of materials, cover thicknesses and grades selected to meet the specification application. Belt-type bucket elevators can utilize a PVC belt, common in the feed and grain industries, or a rubber belt for the heavy-duty industrial applications.
Belt carry the buckets.
Can be centrifugal or continuous discharge operation.
Technical Parameters
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The Belt Bucket Elevator can be centrifugal or continuous discharge operation.  Centrifugal elevator operate at higher speed.  They are called as such because of the centrifugal force developed by the buckets at the head section, which helps discharge material from the buckets by throwing it into the discharge chute.  Continuous discharge operation runs slower and the buckets are installed adjacent to each other.  This allows the material being discharged to slide down the back of the sloped plate of the bucket below.  This gentler discharge method prevents breakage of more friable materials and reduces the generation of dust. 

The bucket elevator is ideal for vertical transport of materials such as grain, pellets and powder.
A bucket elevator is a mechanism for handling flowable bulk materials vertically.
A bucket elevator can elevate a variety of bulk materials from light to heavy and from fine to large lumps.
Technical Parameters
Model Max feeding size
Handling Capacity
Buckets Belt width
Lifting height
Buckets width
Pitch of buckets
Buckets volume
TD160 25  5.4-16 160 280, 350 0.5-1.9 1.4 200  <40
TD250 35 12-35 250 360, 450 1.3-4.6 1.6 300  <40
TD315 45 17-40 315 400, 500 2-5.8 1.6 400  <40
TD400 55 24-66 400 480, 560 3.1-9.4 1.8 500  <40
TD500 60 38-92 500 500, 625 4.8-15 1.8 600  <40
TD630 70 85-142 630 710 14-23.5 2 700  <40

Available Features / Options

Custom Engineered For Your Specific Application.
Wide Range Of Construction Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel.
Belt Type Elevators Available To Meet Your Specific Requirements.

Internal structure for 
belt type bucket elevator

Client Scenario


Delivery and packaging


We can choose the most suitable the machine according to customer requirements.
1. What is the conveying material and its physical characteristics? such as bulk density, feeding size, temperature, moisture content etc.
2. What is the processing capacity of the elevator per hour?
3. What is the lifting height of the elevator (distance from inlet to outlet)?  

Bucket Elevators are custom designed for your application. Bulk material characteristics, capacity and overall height are considered when designing Bucket Elevators.

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