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C type Bucket Elevators

The C type Bucket Elevator, also named bucket conveyor, are designed for heavy duty operations and long life, it is ideal for an industrial application.
Model: 2L/3L/5L/7L/10L
Handling capacity: 0-20m3
Working Principle
types and advantages
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The C type Bucket Elevators are designed for heavy duty operations and long life, it is ideal for an industrial application.

We are the foremost C Type Bucket Elevator Manufacturers. We offer technologically advanced C Type Bucket Elevators. Equipped with handy inspection windows. Furthermore, to ensure zero contamination and seed damage. Widely used and appreciated by our clients, the C type Bucket Elevator has helped us earn great reputation and standing in bulk material handling process.

C shape bucket elevators are used for very gentle vertical conveying of all kinds of granular product. They are the most suitable conveyors, they can also manage big horizontal distances, thus being able to replace the combination of belt conveyor and normal bucket elevator.
The incoming product is fed to the bucket elevator continuously and very gently by means of a vibratory feeder.

The edges of the buckets overlap each other in the inlet section and therefore prevent spillage of kernels. Due to the pivoted mounting of buckets in the chain, buckets keep their horizontal position all through the way around in the conveyor until they finally reach the outlet. There, each bucket is tilted and the product falling out is gently led into the outlet hopper.

The bucket elevator can be equipped with a number of several inlets and outlets. Inlets can work at the same time, while outlets are used singular, meaning only one outlet being active momentarily.

Inspection windows to check on-going processing
High Quality ABS Buckets, stainless steel buckets, carbon steel buckets for choice
Dust free and waterproof assembly
Long lasting Chain
Reduce germination and seed damage
Working Principle
C type bucket elevator carry the raw materials from the bottom of machine, and lift them to the top with the rotation of chain, turn down after by passing the wheel at the top and throw down the materials into the receiving tank. And the bucket elevator usually are enclosed which can prevent the dust flying in a mess in the bucket elevator.
types and advantages
The C shape bucket elevator is available in 5 different types:
• CT-2L  for max. 6 m 3 /h           • CT-3L  for max. 8 m 3 /h
• CT-5L  for max. 12 m 3 /h         • CT-7L  for max. 15 m 3 /h
• CT-10L  for max. 20 m 3 /h
Based on a bucket filling degree of 75% and a chain speed of 0.16 m/s.

Its advantages:
• Gentle conveying
• Combination of horizontal and vertical transport
• low energy demand
• quiet running
• low maintenance demand
• flexibility in installation

Technical Parameter
Model ZT-2L ZT-3L ZT-5L ZT-7L ZT-10L
Capacity/ bucket 2L 3L 5L 7L 10L
Max. output 6m3/ h 7.5m3/ h 12m3/ h 15m3/ h 20m3/ h
Speed 9-11 m /min
Height Customization
Power 0.55-11KW

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