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Tumbler Screen

Tumbler Screen is an efficient sieving machine which is designed to meet the large output. It is similar to hand screening.
Provide very high screening characteristics.
90% efficiency in thin or small products.
Technical parameters
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Tumbler Screen uses elliptical action which aids in screening of even very fine material. As like panning for gold, the fine particles tend to stay towards the center and the larger go to the outside. It allows for segregation and unloads the screen surface so that it can effectively do its job. With the addition of multiple decks, ball cleaning decks and ultrasonic vibration systems even difficult products can be sieved at high capacity to very fine separations.

Tumbler screen are widely used in chemistry, pharmaceutical, food processing, mining, plastics, stone and soil, metallurgy, recycling industries in order to sort small, heavy, light, dry, dusty, wet and sticky materials which are less than a millimeter.

1. Grading
Each model of tumbler screen can precisely and continuously screen and separate processing material, the Multi—layer type tumble screen can screen and separate five groups of different particles at same time. It is suitable for dry materials.

2. Remove the impurity
The tumbler screen can quickly separate a few oversize or undersized particles from a quantity of materials.
Screening efficiency up to 99%
No particle destruction in sensitive products
High screening quality results in higher revenues for graded products
Higher specific screen load as compared to vibration systems
Stable screen motion even under full load
Tumbling movement indefinitely adjustable, resulting in precise control of residence time on the screen, capacity and screening efficiency can be coordinated and optimized.
Technical parameters
Model(Ø) YB-1000 YB-1200 YB-1600 YB-2000 YB-2600
Effective diameter (mm) 980 1250 1580 1880 2650
Layers 1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5
Motor power 1.5/4 2.2/4 3/4 4/4 5.5/4


Chemicals Industry: Additives, Urea granules, Pigments organic, Soda,Scrap of Polyester, Silicon powder, Rubber, Refractory material, Catalyst, Fertilizer etc.

Food Industry: Animal fodder, Bread crumbs, Chicken meat, Chocolate, Coffee granulates, Corn flour, Drugs, Flour, Milk powder, Potato starch, Sugar, Table salt, Whey, Wheat starch etc.

Metallurgy Industry: Aluminum, Aluminum oxide, Iron, Fly ash, Magnetic powder, Manganese, Vanadium, Zinc etc.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Casein, Lactose, Pharmaceutical pills, Sodium chloride etc.

Plastics Industry: Nylon, Plastic waste, Polyethylene, Scrap of Polyester, PVC powder etc.

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