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Centrifugal Sifter

The Centrifugal sifter is a kind of screening machine making use of centrifugal force and cyclone for material separation.
Working Principle
Technical Parameter
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The Centrifugal sifter is a kind of screening machine making use of centrifugal force and cyclone for material separation. It is available with a cylindrical sieving chamber in which there are helical paddles supporting rotation motion.Screw conveyor is employed for material feeding. While propelling the feeding material against the screen, the rotating paddles also create centrifugal force and cyclone which accelerates the particles through the apertures.The centrifugal sifter is designed with two outlets. Fine materials that can pass through the screen mesh are discharged via the fine material outlet, while others that can not pass through the screen are discharged from the coarse material outlet along the wall of the screen cylinder.
The whole machine is small  and light so that it is stable in operation, free from vibration and noise, and with its good sealed structure, it is free from dust and performs in high efficiency. 
The shell of machine is in a new design which makes it easy to install and convenient to control.
The machine can operate either in a single unit or multiple units, and it is safe and reliable for a long time operation.
The screen-mesh can be cleaned automatically by cyclone.
The machine has the function of re-crashing the agglomeration materials.
The new type roller bearing can prolong the service life.
The machine can work with the pneumatic conveying systems, and materials can be directly sent into the wind path to save resources.
New design: The airflow protection system can transfer the purified air to the two ends of the device, which will reduce the temperature created in the operation of the device
Working Principle
The cylinder screen mesh of this Centrifugal sifter is placed inside the machine. The processing material enters the net tube with airflow mixed and atomization after passing the screw conveyor system; the material is sprayed through the net and discharged from the fine stuff portal in the effect of centrifugal force and the cyclone propelling power, which are caused by the rotor vane inside the net tube. The material, which cannot cross the net, is discharged from the rough stuff portal along the net tube wall.
Technical Parameter
Model Material Screen cage size(mm)
Screen material
WSA-18-65 Q235A Carbon steel 180mm*650mm Stainless steel or
Nylon screen
SUS Stainless steel 180mm*650mm
WSA-30-100 Q235A Carbon steel 300mm*1000mm
SUS Stainless steel 300mm*1000mm

 Spare parts: 

1. Screen: Nylon screen and Stainless steel
The two types of screen  meet GMP standard. According to different medicine powder, we could choose different model of screen cage in order to receive better effect.   
2. Finished Screen cage: Nylon model and Stainless steel model 

Centrifugal sifter is especially suitable for grinding plant powder, Such as: Chinese herbal medicine powder; Spices: curry powder, ginger powder, garlic powder, chili powder, pepper powder material etc. Cosmetics, mica powder, pearl pigment superfine powder and so on.
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