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Which conditions should we install a blocking design in the screen frame?
We install a blocking design in the screen frame when clients have high accuracy requirement of screening, with a blocking design the material will remain a longer time on the surface of screen.
If customer need wheels installed in the machine, what is the requirement of its size?
We can choose the wheel diameter 100mm at the machine diameter 1200mm, total height of machine increase by 130mm.
What’s the accurate range of screen mesh of circular vibrating screen machine?
5-500 mesh, this data is just for reference, in actual case, it depends on the character of the sieved material, we need deal with it rely on the actual case.
What’s the range of working temperature of the machine?
The working temperature muse be no more than 80 degrees, or the motor and rubber sealing strip will breakdown.
How to avoid the static when the machine working?
Connecting a grounding wire between machine and ground.
According to the feedback from several clients, the height of outlet is higher than the sieve in the heavy type frame, which result the difficulty to discharge material, how to solve it?
Usually, the outlet is 3-5mm higher than the sieve to make sure material screen efficient, if it is difficult to discharge material, we have to improve it in the product process.
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